Compelled to Care is more than a program or a ministry it is a catalyst.


You are supporting the recruitment of more foster parents in WA state in collaboration with local foster care agencies and DCYF through the We Foster Wa Initiative.

Recruitment with collaboration is more efficient because it eliminates competition, increases efficiency and results in more licensed foster homes.


  • We collaborate with 8 local foster parent licensing agencies in Region 5 & 6 which is Pierce county and south. We support over 400 people going through the licensing process from all over WA state online.


You are directly providing needed supplies for foster kids and kids in crisis through The Care Box Project.

When children come into foster care they come with nothing or just what they can quickly fit in a garbage or shopping bag. The Care Box Project not only provides needed supplies and comfort to the child, it also equips the police officers, social workers and foster parents with what the child needs in an emergency situation so that they can focus on the things that only they can do.

  • We have given over 500 Care Boxes to organizations from Grays Harbor to Snohomish counties since November 2019.

You are funding programs that sustain and strengthen families so that they can keep caring for the vulnerable longer because of our support systems and training.


30-50% of foster parents quit within their first year. The average length of time a child is in foster care is about a 1.5-2 years. In order to prevent a child from having multiple placements which results in an increase of trauma and educational delays we must retain the foster parents we have with support and training.

If reunification is not an option and adoption is necessary the behaviors experienced in foster care do not automatically go away. When families adopt they need to be supported and in a community of people who "get it" to prevent disruption.

  • We serve over 500 families through our online and in-person events and serve 80 moms annually through the Restore Retreat.

You are equipping the church and the local community to care for foster, adoptive and kinship families as they care for our most vulnerable kids.

When the bible talks about caring for orphans and widows in their distress foster care is our closest equivalent. We do not have orphans in the U.S., but we do have foster and kinship kids. They live in your neighborhood, go to school with your kids and you've passed by them in the grocery store. These kids are not living in an orphanage they are living with families right down the street and attending your churches.

  • Before COVID we had multiple churches reach out to launch a Compelled to Care ministry in their communities because of the impact we've had on our region. We are preparing to duplicate ourselves.


You are preventing high school drop outs, poverty, homelessness, human trafficking, overcrowding of prisons and negative generational cycles.

When you intervene and care for vulnerable kids you prevent future systemic barriers that plague kids who age out of the foster care system.  When you support families you change the direction of children's lives and prevent systemic problems. If you care about education, poverty, homelessness, human trafficking, overcrowding in prisons you care about foster care, kinship care and adoption.