The Compelled to Care team is made up of people who are passionate about foster, adoptive and kinship families because each of them have been personally involved with the foster care system and caring for the vulnerable in different capacities.



Ashley has been leading Compelled to Care since 2016. She led Compelled to Care from a small group dinner to one of he largest foster, adoptive and kinship ministries in the state. She has spoken at events, taught multiple classes and has also sat on panels regarding the future of orphan care ministry. She also led as the Early Childhood Director at ECC and brought a trauma informed lens to kids ministry. Ashley also has a professional background in corporate event planning. She has been married to Nick for 13 years; together they are raising 6 children under 9 years old. They have grown their family through birth, foster care and adoption. Ashley loves chocolate, coffee and street Tacos. 

Vice President

Cyndi brings a wealth of business knowledge from her years as the owner and operator of two Grocery Outlet stores. She has also served as the Director of Children's Ministry at two large churches. She combines her knowledge of business and passion for ministry to serve the Compelled to Care community. Cyndi is passionate about bringing a trauma informed lens to children's ministry and curriculum. Cyndi inspires people with her photography and writing about servant leadership. She bakes the best cupcakes, loves going on adventures with her husband Doug and owns many many baskets. In fact, her business Costco card says "The Basket Case."

Krista has been serving and leading with Compelled to Care in different capacities since 2016. As a professional graphic designer Krista has brought her eye for design to Compelled to Care's largest event the Restore Retreat. She has a passion for serving and encouraging moms. Krista is also the heart behind The Care Box Project and brought her background in package design to this project. She is the mother of two teens and a toddler. She enjoys dancing with her teen on Tiktok or by herself in Target for Instagram Stories. She loves giving and receiving gift baskets, drinking gas station Slurpees and drinking coffee. She always assumes the best in people. 

Jayne brings her business knowledge and experience working in children's ministry to the Compelled to Care Community. She is passionate about caring for kids and supporting families whether they are across the globe or local. She has been on boards of Missions Committees and currently serves as a Mentor Mom for MOPS. She even worked as a visit monitor for a season which has given her a wholistic perspective to caring for families. Jayne is a great support to organizations that strengthen and support families. Jayne enjoys spending time with her family and helping people find the right home as a real estate agent. She also makes a mean nacho cheese dip. 



President/Executive Director






Dad's Night Group Leader

Nick has been married to Ashley for 13 years; together they are raising 6 children under 9 years old. They have grown their family through birth, foster care and adoption. Nick is a dedicated Seahawks fan. Loves burgers and drinking coffee. He also throws an epic Nerf Night.


Single Moms Night Out Group Leader

Jessica is an experienced foster mom who knows how to masterfully juggle work, the foster care schedule and all her young kiddos. She is passionate about restoring dignity to foster youth through her small business Duffels4Youth. You can check out her work on Etsy. 


Intern Extraordinaire

Hannah is a student at Northwest University. She designed The Care Box Project - Beauty Box and the We Foster Wa. Social Worker Appreciation media campaign. She amazingly does so many things behind the scenes to serve the caregiver community.

We are so thankful for the many volunteers, leaders and interns that work together to serve foster, adoptive and kinship families through Compelled to Care.