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Compelled to Care family memberships are for current foster, adoptive and kinship families who want a higher level of support and community engagement. Memberships are open to families from any county.

Compelled to Care supports foster, adoptive and kinship families through events, monthly dinners, parent meet-ups, summer playdates, resources, training and online support. We are currently supporting over 1000 people online who are foster, adoptive and kinship parents or are going through the foster parent licensing process.


Our goal with this family membership is to provide a sustainable and intentional support system for families who want to engage in even more in-person support and/or receive extra care.



Family Dinners are a time to get-together with other current foster, adoptive and kinship families who "get it." These dinners include dinner and childcare. This is a time for parents to connect over a meal, win giveaways and listen to an inspiring speaker. Kids are served a kid friendly meal in their classroom followed by a fun lesson taught from our own kids curriculum.

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Here's the schedule:

SEPTEMBER 23 - Open to current foster, adoptive & kinship families, no membership required

The first dinner your family attends is free - even if it's not in September. If you want to continue to attend we ask that you register for a membership. Scholarships are available upon request.

OCTOBER 28 - Trunk-or-Treat, Open to all caregivers, no membership required

NOVEMBER 11 - Parent Night Out at True Grace Church in Lacey, Member-Only event  

DECEMBER 9 - Gingerbread Bash, Open to all caregivers, no membership required

JANUARY 13 - Speaker: Ashley Wambach, President/Executive Director of Compelled to Care & Foster/Adoptive Mom of 7 - member only event

FEBRUARY 10 - Speaker: Maddie Graves-Wilson, MSW, Afterhours Supervisor and Foster Mom of 6 - member only event

MARCH 10 - Speaker: Jolie Ballantyne, Associate Director of Admissions at Hillsdale College - open to anyone

APRIL 14 - Speaker: Trista Mason, Kinship Director at Family Education and Support Services and foster mom - member only event

MAY 13 - Caregiver Appreciation Event, Open to all caregivers, no membership required

* Future speakers will be announced soon.

**A separate registration for each dinner is required the Wednesday before so we can prepare.


We have a care team that would love to send you cards in the mail, drop off Care Boxes when you welcome home a new child in foster care, drop off a meal when you're sick and sometimes even drop off a care package on your doorstep. (Doorstep care packages will only be delivered in Thurston, Lewis & Mason Counties due to the location of our care team; however our team has been known to send your kid's favorite snacks via Amazon).


We have generous partners. Sometimes we receive small donations that would serve a smaller group and at other times we receive large donations that can bless the whole community. When we receive smaller donations we will bring them to the family dinners first. At larger giving events we will offer Member Hours before serving the larger foster/adoptive/kinship community.


Stay up-to-date with upcoming events, trainings and opportunities to serve


FALL '22 - SUMMER '23

This session runs September 23rd -August 31st. 




This membership is for the whole family -  one time.  We keep this membership fee relatively low so that all families can engage regardless of their size.


What does the fee go towards?

This fee helps toward the cost of the monthly dinners and events in Thurston County. As a non-profit we receive donations and do fundraising, but there are still costs beyond what we can get donated like food and administrative things like running background checks for childcare volunteers. This membership fee doesn't cover all of our expenses - nor do we want it too. We just use this contribution to help supplement our costs and help with the sustainability of our program.

Are scholarships available?

YES! We do not want the cost of membership to keep families disconnected from monthly family dinners or extra care. Request a scholarship by filling out this short form.

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