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"For a long time, even while Saul was our king, you were the one who really led Israel. And the Lord your God has told you, 'You will be the shepherd of my people Israel. You will be their leader." 1 Chronicles 11:2

David was anointed to be king of Israel 15 years before he was appointed. That is a long time to wait. David spent the waiting continuing to shepherd sheep, eventually slaying giants and leading victories. He also spent the waiting hiding in caves and running from Saul. He learned to "encourage himself in the Lord" (1 Samuel 30:6) during those times and honor the authority above him. He also led mightily during the waiting.

Foster parenting has a similar waiting. We know that God has called us to do this or there is an inner conviction to care for the vulnerable, but sometimes there are less giants slayed and more hiding in caves while still submitting to the authority of a system that can be broken. It's honoring our foster children's parents and social workers even when we are justified in feeling like we should have more of a say.

We are adjusting work schedules, potty training, going to therapy, being available for visits, doing night time feedings and remote learning and ALL the things that parenting involves, but we don't wear the crown. We don't make the decisions. We simply lead well in the daily routine and shepherd our children well in the waiting for permanency. We must encourage ourselves in the Lord and remember why we do this mighty work so that we can continue to lead well even when we don't wear the crown.

Reposted from Sept. 3, 2020

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