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“Jesus called out to them, 'Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!' And they left their nets at once and followed him.” Mark 1:16-18

When brothers, Andrew and Simon, were out fishing; which was their job, Jesus was walking beside the Lake of Galilee. When Jesus saw them He called out to them and said “Follow me.” Then he walked further down the lake and saw two more brothers, James and John, and called out to them and said “follow me," and they did. With the words “follow me” both sets of brothers dropped their nets and followed Jesus.

Jesus didn’t have a sales pitch. He didn’t say “Follow me and you will have a better job than being a fisherman. Follow me and you can buy a bigger boat . Follow me and you can remodel your home.” It was just “follow me.”

At this point Jesus hadn’t performed any public miracles. He didn’t try to convince them that he was the Son of God or that one day they would lay hands on the sick and watch them be healed in His name. He didn’t tell them that they would lead a movement that is still impacting the world today. He didn’t prophecy that generations would tell their story. He just said “Follow me.”

As Jesus added more followers He taught them how to live by being with them. He gave speeches and taught on mountainsides to the crowds, but to His followers He taught them through relationship.

Luke 10 says that the Lord chose 72 more disciples to go the into surrounding cities to prepare the way before his arrival; similar to what John the Baptist did. They were commissioned to go teach, encourage and heal the sick in His name before He arrived. Jesus didn’t need to provide a ton of instructions because these people knew Him well enough to have an idea of the assignment. Before they left Jesus said “Now go, and remember that I am sending you out as lambs among wolves.” Again, not selling anything, just saying “Now go.”

Isn’t the call of God still the same today? Follow me. Be with me. Go now.

There isn’t a sales pitch or instructions at first. It’s “Follow me” and say “yes,” one “yes” at a time. It’s “Be with me;” study the bible as if it is truly the word of God and everything in it points to Jesus. It’s “Go now;” even during the times when you may feel alone. It’s “remember you will be lambs among wolves” and don’t forget to “take up your cross.” (Mark 8:34) It's like when you get a phone call about a new child. You say “yes, they can stay” and all you have is bullet points on an official piece of paper and maybe a carseat.

Following Jesus is just that, its following. We don’t usually get a sales pitch or instructions for how to do the whole thing. We are called to follow then go do "the thing" and trust that we know the character of God enough because we have spent time with Him. Although the instructions are few, legacies, like those of Peter (formally named Simon), Andrew, James and John, are built on those three instructions. Follow me, Be with me, Go now; these are catalysts that spark movements that change the world.

Ashley Wambach President/Executive Director

Originally posted Sept. 24, 2020

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