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There are three lodges at the Falls Creek Retreat Center: Cedar, Meadow and Creekside.

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Cedar Lodge is lovingly nicknamed the "party lodge." This lodge has a few bigger rooms with 4-6 beds for large groups of friends. This is the lodge that moms who want to stay up past 10:30pm talking and laughing in the living room request to stay. This lodge also has a 20 person hot tub! You can request to stay in this lodge when you register.

Click here for lodge layout

Meadow Lodge is our quieter lodge. It has smaller rooms and a large hot tub on the porch.  We are offering a limited number of single rooms in this lodge for $400. The extra cost for this room helps sponsor another mom. You can request to stay in this lodge when you register. 

Click here for lodge layout

Creekside Lodge is the smallest lodge closest to the conference center. Most of the activities will be in the conference center.  There is no hot tub at this lodge. If attending the retreat is contingent on the convenience of being closer to the conference room please let us know by making note of that on the registration form. Please note there are two steps into the lodge.

Click here for lodge layout

Friend Request We give you the option to request one friend to lodge with. Sometimes we get a whole group of ladies that request each other and they end up in Cedar Lodge in a room with 6 beds. We work really hard to get everyone in the lodge and room they request. We don't do guarantees. We've always gotten people in the room with their friend request. Sometimes friends request each other then ask for different lodges. If this happens we reach out via email or phone to get your feedback of where you would like to stay.

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