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We are sad to announce that the we have decided to cancel the Restore Retreat this year due to COVID-19. We did not come to this decision lightly and tried to avoid it as long as we could. We have already refunded 100% of your registration fees and t-shirt purchases back onto your cards. This should show up on your statement by Friday, March 20, 2019. We are committed to hosting this important event next year. 


The Restore Retreat is exclusively for current foster, adoptive & kinship moms. This is not designed as a place to get field experience. Compelled to Care has monthly dinner events that would serve this purpose. The Restore Retreat is a space for moms who are parenting kids from hard places to share truthful stories and to get spoiled by our team and donors who love to bless foster, adoptive & kinship moms.

How faith based is the restore retreat?

Restore Retreat is a Christian retreat. We will talk about Jesus, teach from the bible, pray and worship during our main sessions. Because of the amount of activities we plan a mom who is not a Christian could still be involved in the breakout sessions and enjoy the environment and still leave rested. Although most are, not every volunteer or donor who serves at the Restore Retreat is a Christian, but values what each mom does in caring for kids from hard places.

What should I expect?

The Restore Retreat includes 4 Main Sessions with worship and biblical teaching, 2 breakout sessions with lifestyle type workshops, activities and nightly events.  5 meals are are provided by the retreat center. You can see more details here

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Falls Creek Retreat Center will accommodate your meals. Let the Retreat Center know of your dietary needs by filling out their form or calling  1-888-934-9555 Monday, Tuesday or Thursday 8:00 am - 2:30pm at least 1 week before your arrival.  Last minute special requests are subject to availability.

The Restore Retreat team does provide snacks at our events, but we do not accommodate for specific dietary needs. You are welcome to bring your own snacks - and many moms do - it usually involves LOTS of chocolate!

are training hours provided?

No. Compelled to Care provides training throughout the year, but we do not provide training at the Restore Retreat because we want you to focus on seeking time with God and connecting with other moms. 

Can babies come?

We LOVE children and babies, but this is a kid-free zone.

CAn I have my own room?

Yes. We have limited single rooms. The cost is $400. This price pays for you and sponsors another mom. 

CAn I share a room with my friends?

Yes. We do our VERY best to put friends in the same room. You will be able to request to stay with a friend on the registration form.

Can I avoid stairs?

We can put you in a lodge and room that avoids stairs. The dining hall and conference center do not have stairs to enter the building.  There are a 2-3 activities that will be upstairs. There are no elevators at the retreat center.

Can I bring wine?

The Falls Creek Retreat Center does not allow alcohol. You can find their full list of policies here

Can I camp in a tent or stay in a camper?

The Falls Creek Retreat Center does not allow any camping. You can find their full list of policies here

can i check in early/check out late?

The Restore Retreat team does not have a lot of time to set up and we decorate the entire retreat center. We need all the time to set up. We will be so happy to greet you at Check In at 4pm.

We have to pack up everything we bring and have to be out on time or we will be charged a late check out fee; therefore, check out is at noon. There is a small coffee shop in the nearest town where you can continue to enjoy the weekend with your new friends.

Can I help set up?

The Restore Retreat team plans for months and maps out the retreat center to prepare to set it up because we have a short window of time to get it done. It is easiest for the set up team to do this on their own because they are like a small army with a system.

What is the cost?

The Restore Retreat is $200. The price increases to $250 on April 1, 2020. Single Rooms are $400.

Are there discounts or scholarships?

We do not provide discounts for serving at this event; however, we do have limited scholarships. You can apply here

Is there One day pricing?

No, we are not providing one day pricing; however, if you need to check in late or just come for the day please contact us to let us know of your arrival and departure time.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. Refunds will be provided until March 31st. A $5 service fee will be applied to pay for the processing fee; as well as a $25 admin fee. Checks will be cut on Wednesdays and mailed on Thursday. 

when does registration end?

The last day to register is April 17th at midnight.

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